My Mission

My name is Ryan Skinner, and as a recovering addict, I am living proof that survival from the darkness and downward spiral is possible. I have been given several great gifts that many people never get and which I will never take for granted: a second chance at life and along with that, a humbling opportunity to pay my reversal of fortune forward and help others struggling with the disease of addiction. It may sound ironic to be grateful to have gone through something so terrible, but I thank God now that can help people who are going through the nightmare. I am able to do this as a sponsor to younger recovering addicts, and by sharing my personal story with people from all walks of life. I speak regularly to high school students and to people enrolled in a drug program at the Middlesex House of Corrections. I focus these talks on making changes and turning adversity into something positive. Doing this, I have learned that the true measure of success is found in how many people you bless.

Every day I ask God how I can be of service to others using the talents he’s given me. In my business life, I seek to provide service to my clients at Summit Financial Partners at the highest level, so that I may add true value to their lives. I want to bring this kind of value to others in my personal life as well. I feel my story allows me to operate on a whole new level in many aspects of my life now. I believe that everyone has a purpose but few are fully able to tap into their true potential. My experiences gave me a purpose and a strong connection with divinity and to my fellow human beings as I live to be in their service. Making a positive impact on people’s lives, to the best of my ability is what drives me every day. If I can help save one more addict, and help spare one more family of the heartache addiction brings, I feel like everything I have been through was worth it.


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